Breast Lift in Macon, GA

Women who are bothered with a sagging chest area can undergo a breast lift at the Georgia Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua R. Groves, our clinic has helped a number of women in Macon, Warner Robins, Houston County, Bibb County and the surrounding area obtain a more youthful appearance through breast lift procedures.

What is a Breast Lift (Mastopexy)?

A breast lift sometimes referred to as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that involves removing and tightening skin in the chest area. This provides basically the same effects as a facelift, reducing sagging to create breasts that are more uplifted and youthful. A breast lift procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and typically takes less than 90 minutes.

Benefits of a Breast Lift

Many women notice sagging breasts due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or aging. Sagging breasts are difficult to tone with exercise; however, a mastopexy procedure can easily restore them. In some cases, it may also result in the appearance of fuller breasts, even when implants are not added. Some other benefits of a breast lift include:

  • Can be performed along with another procedure, such as a breast augmentation
  • Performed on an outpatient basis
  • Long lasting results

Requirements for a Breast Lift

Before scheduling your breast lift procedure, Dr. Groves will discuss your health history to make sure you do not have any underlying health conditions such as bleeding or clotting disorders that would make surgery risky. He will also want to know about any medications you are taking, to include supplements. Talk with Dr. Groves about any other surgeries you are considering so that multiple procedures may be scheduled at the same time if possible.

Is a Breast Lift Right for Me?

You may want to consider a mastopexy if your sagging breasts cause you to feel self-conscious or unattractive. It’s important to have realistic expectations, so you should speak candidly with Dr. Groves about your goals, and review before and after photographs of other patients to ensure you understand exactly what could be accomplished through a breast lift procedure.

How Involved is the Breast Lift Procedure?

A breast lift requires general anesthesia to numb the chest area, along with at least one incision in each breast. Although it is performed as an outpatient procedure, you must nonetheless be monitored in our office for signs of an infection or other complications that might require immediate attention.

How Long is the Recovery After a Breast Lift?

You must limit your activity for up to two weeks after a breast lift, or longer if you are also having implants inserted. As with any surgical procedure, you may feel some tenderness and general discomfort, but, fortunately, this is easy to manage with over-the-counter medication.

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

The amount of tissue being removed and tightened will affect your cost. During your consultation, we will discuss the cost, and go over our payment options to find one that best suits your needs.

Some procedures may be covered by medical insurance. Our staff is experienced in matters pertaining to insurance, and will work with your carrier to get you maximum coverage. In the event a procedure is not covered, we offer financing through CareCredit® and Alphaeon™Credit. We will be happy to assist in filling out the necessary application, or you may apply on the CareCredit® website prior to your appointment. We work with SunTrust Bank to offer low, fixed interest rate loans to patients with good to excellent credit for all cosmetic procedures, and also accept cash, personal checks, MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®, and Discover® Card.

If you live in Macon, Warner Robins, Houston County, Bibb County or surrounding communities and would like to eliminate sagging breasts, visit the Georgia Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to find out more about a breast lift procedure. Contact Dr. Groves today for your breast lift consultation.